Tsebo operates a highly integrated value chain, minimising, cost and optimising efficiency at every stage. The deep level of collaboration the Group cultivates with its stable supplier base makes this possible. Tsebo procurement and operational teams have intimate knowledge of their supplier operations, and work with them in planning for mutual benefits. This collaboration of systems, processes, skills programmes and market knowledge delivers mutual benefits and enhances value for clients and customers alike.

Tsebo deploys its sourcing and procurement mandate across Africa through a centralized Procurement function, headed by a Group CPO at Exco level. The Procurement Policy is designed to service the Company and its operating divisions by leveraging our substantial purchasing power to ensure the continuous provision of high-quality, maximum value-for-money goods and services, whilst protecting and enhancing gross margin though best-price purchasing. Our approach to savings is to also ensure a high conversion rate to the bottom line.

Through a well-defined focus on Preferential Procurement from transformative suppliers, we contribute to the Company’s B-BBEE Level 1 Empowering Supplier status, thus benefitting our operating divisions’ contracted clients with a 135% spend recognition. We deploy our overall procurement mandate through a ‘simple-rules’ strategy to create and achieve sustainable value for our Customers and their Clients by using a few simple rules, key processes and disciplined tactics


CSI Programme.

TFS realises that its responsibility does not only lie with its employees but also in the communities in which it operates. As an integrated facilities services provider, it is our obligation to promote initiatives that involve community upliftment while contributing to social and economic development of the country. TFS discharges its responsibility through the Tsebo Foundation.

CSI Strategy.

Our strategy has been associated and a supplementary to the Gazette codes of good practice on B-BBEE where the group utilises 1% of nett profit towards projects identified in a particular year. Funds contributed each year ensure that the time spent on projects is long enough to guarantee sustainability even after the company exit from the project. CSI plays an integral part of Tsebo Solutions Group as a business and this is how the company shows appreciation to the communities in which it operates.

Tsebo Solutions Group has an annual programme which is guided by the availability of funds. Tsebo Solutions Group’s focus areas are education, health and youth development. Tsebo Solutions Group prides itself as a national company on having CSI projects in all the regions where there are Tsebo Solutions Group sites.

Tongaat School for Physically Challenged Children – KwaZulu-Natal

The project is situated about 30 km from the city of Durban. The school looks after 110 children aged between 7 and 21. The children have the following challenges: Cerebral palsy, Mental, Physical, Autistic

Employees from Tsebo Solutions Group spent Mandela Day with the children and donated blankets, a television set, stationery, computers and other goods. Some of the goods were donated by Tsebo Solutions Group’s service providers.

Cheshire Home – Cape Region

This is a residential facility for people who are physically challenged and are unable to function normally within their surroundings. It accommodates people with disabilities, it is a daycare centre for people with disabilities and it is a service centre for people with disabilities

This institution was also the beneficiary of the Tsebo Solutions Group charity event.


Ikhayalabantu Homeless Shelter – Cape Region

The shelter is home for 32 men, 15 women and 100 children up to the age of 6. The shelter is run by ladies who are volunteers. It is situated in Ilanga which is one of the most impoverished communities in the Cape Region.

Tsebo Solutions Group organised a big charity event and all the sites donated different amounts of money and goods towards assisting the project.