The Tsebo Group are the leading African providers of hard, soft and integrated facilities services. We provide facilities management, remote camps, catering, cleaning, protection, hygiene, energy management and procurement services.

Our knowledge of the continent, on-the-ground capacity and international standards make us the partner of choice for businesses wanting to take full advantage of the economic opportunity that Africa presents.

We enable our clients to become more efficient, more productive and more successful by taking responsibility for the tasks that are outside their areas of expertise, so they can focus on their core business.

When we optimise these activities on a client’s behalf, the benefits are passed directly to their company in the form of cost savings, efficiency benefits and risk reduction, thus accelerating growth.

Tsebo has achieved over 40 years of growth, success and social transformation in Africa. Since the early 1980s, Tsebo has had a truly African footprint, and have sustained momentum through continuous change driven by product innovation and ruthless execution.

Our international standards of operational excellence, quality, safety, ethics and good governance, together with our experience in creating supplier networks, adapting our business practices to local needs and changing conditions, and developing local talent and skills, provides holistic client value.

Our clients enjoy tangible bottom line benefits in the form of reduced cost, risk and complexity, improved service delivery and quality, enhanced operational efficiency and convenience of service.

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